17 November 2011

Inspiration Workshop: Thanksgiving

Each week, Gussy Sews hosts the Inspiration Workshop. Maggie provides us with a prompt and asks us to share what it means to us.

This Week: Thanksgiving

I run a residence hall at a university and, as my students head out the door for a week of Thanksgiving break, I'm just getting started cleaning our home and getting ready to host house guests! My parents are coming next Tuesday to stay in our residence hall apartment with us and celebrate my favorite holiday.

It's funny. My students keep asking when I'm going home for Thanksgiving. I try to explain to them that I'm grown up now (relatively speaking) and that my permanent home is here, in the hall. They look at me with wide, confused eyes and say "well have fun then."

Although it's a little strange to be the only folks in a 400 person residence hall, I can't wait!

I have never hosted Thanksgiving. Heck, I've never bought a turkey or made stuffing, or baked a pumpkin pie. But it's on (with some amazing help from my parents of course)!

On the menu?

The usual suspects of course: turkey, stuffing, mashed 'tatoes, green bean casserole (that I'm pretty sure no one likes but me).

A few unique items such as:
homemade cranberry sauce (I can't share the recipe because my dad pretty much makes it up on the spot every year)
vegetable medley from my hubby's side of the family
corn- very important as I feel a perfect meal is only complete with the perfect vegetable

Kyle is also interested in making some kind of sweet potato casserole. Not the whole yams-with-marshmallows thing, though. Any recipes?

I love everything about Thanksgiving. The family. The food. The colors and decorations. Coming together to simply be thankful for the Lord's provision and blessings without expectation of presents. 

And of course, the essential thing for me, it's simply a cozy holiday.

Just a few more days!


  1. I love these decorating ideas! I absolutely am a fan of incorporating white and making it classy. Great interpretation!

    Stopping by from Gussy...

  2. I really love the first one!!! So cute!

  3. Great ideas! I would totally re-do my mantle if people were coming to our house for turkey! I love the mini white pumpkins on the table too!

  4. Love the pretty "thanks" pumpkins!! As far as ideas for sweet potatoes, I don't usually do the casserole with marshmallows either, but I do mash them with a little brown sugar and butter, which is usually pretty good. If I do put it into a casserole, I usually just put some nuts on top instead of the marshmallow.


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