01 December 2011

Happiness Highlights

It's funny because writing this, right now, I'm not in a very good mood. But I thought reflecting on the happiness from the past few weeks would do me a bit of good.

- Another wonderful Thanksgiving with family, and with so many things to be thankful for
- Just a few more weeks until we get to celebrate again
- Being reminded that I love working with college students (they really are quite amazing)
- New kitchen benches made by hand by my hubby and dad
- Sharing an impromptu lunch with my hubby and sharing a bench
- Having some time today to look through all the clothes at Goodwill and finding some sweet bargains
- Putting out our nativity scene
- Laughing as our cat tries to climb our hilariously small Christmas tree

What are your happiness highlights?


  1. Aren't the holidays wonderful? I hope the day gets better soon.

    You should link up with the Happy List linky party: http://www.mysocalledchaos.com/2011/11/dont-worry-be-happy.html

  2. Hehe silly kitty!!!

    I'm happy for striped shortbread cookies (they are totally hitting the spot and need to be put away before I eat the entire package).

    My husband working so diligently for our family.

    Friday makes 50 days until our little one is supposed to make an appearance. (But due dates are never accurate).

    For hot chocolate in the evenings.

    That my husband wants to snuggle at night since we don't see each other much during the day. (Even if that means I get very little bed).

  3. I think writing about happiness when you aren't happy is the best way to find happiness again. ;)

  4. i love these! they make me happy!

    i am happy with this season of our lives. it is hard but blessed :)


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