03 December 2011

Just A Quick Hello

After a long day of running errands (in the rain), I'm home for good tonight.

Kyle is working on a grad school project and, last we talked, he probably won't be home until 2am.

So tonight it's just me, kitty, a messy house, earrings to make, hot chocolate, and the tree.


I'm so sorry if you've been wondering where crafty Saturdays have gone? With the holidays, I've been a bit  preoccupied (and a little lazy). It will be back for the next two weekends and then take a bitty break until the new year.


I'm working on a few more journaling series posts. Have you been loving the journal stories as much as I have? Want to share your own? Email me please :)


My shop closes for the holidays on December 11. If you've been thinking of getting something for someone you love, make sure you do before I go on a little vacation.

Have you seen my Cozy Winter Surprise Gift Package? $50 worth of goodies (for only $40) sent to you during December, January, and February. 

And, through the holidays, you can get free shipping with code happyholidays.

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  1. hello! just thought i'd check in and say hi. hope you have a wonderful week! susan


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