19 January 2012

inspiration workshop: bedrooms

Each week, Gussy Sews hosts the Inspiration Workshop. Maggie provides us with a prompt and asks us to share what it means to us.
This Week: Bedrooms
I'm really town on what my perfect bedroom would look like. Our's is fine, but it's definitely the first thing I'd like to redo when we move/have the money/get a new apartment/buy a house [whatever comes first I suppose].
I want our bedroom to be quiet and peaceful, but still fun and a little quirky.
And my number one decorating rule needs to apply:
It needs to look like real, put-together adults live here, but anything that I fall in love with that I find on the side of the road and/or in someone's trash needs to fit in.

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  1. I love that first picture! The use of suitcases is great, and I love the yellow. It's so happy.

  2. I agree about the suitcases, I've been thinking of doing that for a long time. AND you can store things inside the suitcase... I just haven't found any good looking ones, in good shape, that don't have that smell to them (you know which one) and are in the right price range. But the canopy bed in the 2nd picture? Takes the cake!

  3. all that mustard, love it!

    such a beautiful, fun, cheery, quirky color ;]

    ok, so a fluffy bed is always first on my list. if i'm comfy in bed then i call asleep so much quicker!

    thanks so much for linking up again, laura!


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