08 January 2012

Journaling Through January: Week 1 Party

One week into January, and I am just loving all your encouraging and sweet comments! It makes my heart sore that so many of you are following along!

"I work towards having a positive attitude (notice the word "work") 
and try to thank God daily for the many blessings we have. 
When I do that, it helps me put things in perspective to be 
truly thankful for even the small stuff too."

"Looking at my three biggest challenges and 
seeing the lessons I learned is really inspiring."

"I am thankful for many things as well. 
Especially, my children's health...we are so blessed!"

How have you been doing? What have been your greatest lessons thus far? Anything stand out to you as you write? How is God using this to bring certain things forward in your life?

Feel free to link up or share your posts or thoughts in the comments. I'd love to hear your January journal story!


  1. I've learned (or re-learned) that I need to be a servant before I can be a leader.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement to journal. I have journaled for years but on and off- hot and cold. It is always a blessing to go back and read (however sparse ) the pages of previous years and see the transformation that has taken place!

    bee blessed

  3. Thank you for encouraging me. I just found your blog, and I so needed something like this right now. I'll definitely be your newest follower!



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