02 January 2012

Praying for Each Other

Each Monday I post our prayer requests (although I'm a little late this week). Feel free to email your requests to me and I can post them here or next week.

Although I do not always post a request here, I truly appreciate the prayers that you say for me. Your are on my heart and I will continue to pray for you in the new year!

Kathleen: Today my 25 year old hydroplaned in the rain and wrecked his beautiful car.  Thankful he is fine and no one else was involved.  Please pray for the insurance and repair issues.  Definitely not how I anticipated the new year to begin.  Next, my 22 year old daughter won an internship in New York City for the winter break and she leaves from Pittsburgh on a bus tomorrow morning.  She will be staying with my 25 year old nephew.  I am asking for prayer for her protection and for peace for me. I really struggle with worry and I want to be able to trust God in each of these situations.

Elizabeth: I would love for my husband to be added to your prayer list for the year of 2012. Beginning with the first week of the new year and continuing through most of the year he will be deployed with a branch he is not currently affiliated with for a job he does not currently do. He is in the Navy, and will be helping the Army. He is one of a select few leaving from the hospital where he works and going to a hospital in Afghanistan. He is scheduled to return in the fall of 2012. The more prayers I can get for him, his safe and timely return, the better.


  1. I love this!!! It is a constant struggle to keep Jesus in the center of my blogging and not ME. I love what you've created here! I know God has high hopes for what we can do as bloggers and this is a wonderful example! Please pray that I can do it all for Him!

    Creatively Living

  2. I took a moment to lift these precious requests to Daddy God in prayer.

    I would appreciate prayer in the area of continued trust on my part and unfolding in the perfect timing of a relationship. It is an exciting time, but also an uncertain adventure.

    You're an inspiring blogger, Laura.


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