17 April 2012

Beautifully Rooted: The Old Made New

I have the honor of being a contributor at Beautifully Rooted! You can see my post for this month here.

I saw it sticking out of a dumpster and yelled "trash," our code word for "hey, there's something fabulous sticking out of that dumpster." He pulled over and I skipped towards it, giddy at my find.

What I pulled out was an old, chippy front of something. Maybe an old pantry or a curio cabinet. We pulled the pieces and parts away that were leftover from the dismantling of it all, and put it in the car.

It was perfect...


  1. What a great find!! It's been a while since I've gotten dumpster or trashy treasures . love this post
    dela chic

  2. what a great find, I've seen these at the flea market and they are expensive!! good stuff!

  3. I went to the thrift store today. I am decorating for a May 1 ladies church luncheon. I was in the table cloth section and pulled out this pale peach and lace one. I got home and did not notice a bad tear in the lace and it was a bedspread! While there I grabbed a bag of lace. So I cut the torn area by cutting the section in half and sewing the pieces together.Then where the pillows would be there was no lace only on the bottom. So I took the lace I purchased , who would know but God ! It was the exact length I needed to do the job. And I sewed the lace on the top part, then I took rest of the lace and sewed over the bottom part and then took pinking shears and cut off the old lace from the foot of the spead. The seam shows where I had to take out the torn area, but I am in hopes the table runner I found will cover part of it. The table runner is floral with colors of coral, pinks, greens,and white that was also at the thrift store. So I think I am ready for my luncheon.


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