25 May 2012

Friday Favorites

This post on grace-based parenting from Redeeming the Days on Out of Alabaster.

Diving into the word with #shereads truth. You can learn more about the bible study here or follow on twitter here.

The minty necklace. A forever favorite from Pretties by Meg.

And a bit of self promotion, by favorite rosette pendant necklaces are back in the shop! Use the code "just rosy" for 15% off this weekend.

What have been your favorite things this week?


The winner of the Dream Big giveaway is Tara. Emailing you!


  1. i need some of those striped straws for summer. i'm thinking they would make the summer just a little brighter!

  2. looove the minty necklace {Megan is so talented!} & I also love those pretty rosettes - I kinda want one in every color! ;)

  3. Awe thanks for including my necklace! It's probable my favorite item from my shop right now :)


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