16 May 2012

A Winner and A Prayer Request

A special prayer request for the evening.

Kathleen: I am having surgery on Friday (May 18) to have a 2cc kidney stone removed.  They have to insert a guide wire Thursday morning. Please pray that the Doctor gets all of the stone out so I don't have to actually pass any pieces, for a speedy recovery (I only have 1 week off of work), and for no complications.

Please pray friends!


The winner of the Diana Meredith Designs giveaway is Megs! I'm emailing you right now.


  1. I am praying with you and kathleen. Jesus is so sweet to us!

  2. I hope the surgery goes well and thank you for sharing that scripture. I have had a rough week health wise and this just gave me the push I needed to keep going.

  3. I will be praying for you sweet friend!

  4. praying new friend! I am sitting here with a 4 mm stone as we speak, praying (well kindof) that it was pass! My previous two both had to be removed surgically! Prayers for healing!!!!!


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