13 August 2012


This past weekend was wonderful. Probably the best we've had since moving here.

We got out and did things in our new community. Found what we think might be our new church. Met a few people. Went to bed in really, really good moods!

- Went to Gelato Cafe and indulged in roasted almond gelato. Delicious.
- Explored SECCA (Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art), a free art museum in Winston-Salem. I love looking at art, and I really love watching my husband look at art. He reads every word of the artist statements and examines everything so closely. I really think he could be an artist.
- As part of the "paperless" exhibit, guests were asked to make paper boats. I had to look it up- I had never made one before. You can learn here.
- There was quite a bit of lazing around together. The cat enjoys lazing too.
- Attended an incredible church. You know when you just know? It felt like a welcomed home.
- Stopped at a few antique stores to look around. Kyle and I could very easily become hoarders if we let ourselves. Such fun things with even better stories.
- Packaged a few orders. Dressing them up now with vintage candlewicking yarn and a custom stamp.
- Said goodbye to the Olympics. I realized a few things this weekend. Weirdest sport = freestyle wrestling. Weirdest yet most amazing sport = rhythmic gymnastics. Most incredible sport that I could never ever do in a million years = mountain biking.
- I pulled out my cross stich again. This is only the second piece I've done, started it in January. Whoops. I want to finish it before starting on a little cross stitch project for the nursery
- Yes, a bathroom picture of me and baby D. Looking and feeling good!

How was your weekend? Any fun adventures lately?


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