19 September 2012

What's For Dinner?

If we're going to be friends, there are things you need to know about me.

One of those things is that I'm a bad cook. Well, I'm really a cook that lacks confidence. And when I lack confidence I make mistakes, like misreading recipes, putting in things too early, cooking things too long, ruining dinner, and almost burning down the kitchen (no, I'm kidding, I've never done that *knocks on wood*).

I also don't really like to cook. It's stressful and complicated and requires you to think and be organized--- things that, until recently, I just didn't have time to worry myself with.

But with our move, staying home, and needing to keep a tighter grip on the purse strings, I'm meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking every day... and actually really enjoying it!

So to keep me accountable and motivated, I'm going to start sharing with you a few things that I have made for dinner lately. *I'd love it if you linked any favorite recipes in the comments. I'd love to try them!*

skillet chicken parmesan
I made this after seeing it on TV. Looked eas but was a little difficult for me. I get nervous with raw chicken and then there was the spitting and splattering of the pan "frying." I didn't cut my cutlets even enough so they didn't quite cook evenly (obviously). Note to self: use less garlic in the sauce, flatten cutlets a bit so they are even, and use a bit more flour.

slow cooker beef stroganoff
Looked easy and was easy once I figured out to add the cream cheese before serving. My first attempt I just dumped everything in and then came back to a curdled mess. This isn't a meal I would typically like, but I actually loved it! Easy and perfect for fall. Note to self: read the recipe, silly.

stuffed peppers
So stinkin' tasty! But they took way longer to prepare than I anticipated. Not in a bad way but in a "I didn't plan my time very well and we ate dinner at 8pm" kind of way. I cut the recipe in half and had leftover filling that wouldn't fit in the peppers. I ate it for lunch the next day and it was delicious! Kyle said that the filling could have been a bit more flavorful, so I will work on that next time. Note to self: Don't boil green peppers as long next time (they ripped a bit), no need to simmer rice mixture for 30 minutes (I just spooned it right into the peppers once I mixed in the rice in step 4), bake without cheese for 10 minutes and then with cheese for 5.

*Feel free to link any favorite recipes in the comments. I'd love to try them!*

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