15 November 2012

Some of Our Favorite Baby Items

Well, Mr. Sam is a month old already (I can't believe it!). Hi Sam, momma loves you!

I know there are lots of first-time mommas-to-be out there, so I wanted to share some of our favorite baby items.

1. Summer Infant Swaddleme blankets: Sam sure loves to be swaddled! These are a life saver, especially at night when I just want to get back to bed or when he's fussy and rolling around. These are easy to put on him and stays tight.

2. Thirsties wipes: We originally got these because we were going to use cloth wipes to go with our cloth diapers. After seeing the amount of poop our son produces, we've since changed our minds. Instead we use these cloths (and a bunch more similar microfiber cloths) for everything else, though! Cleaning spit up (Sam is quite the juicy baby), bathing him, and covering his you-know-what so he doesn't pee-pee on us during diaper changes.

3. Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners: Our son is stinky so every little bit of nursery freshness helps.

4. Sleep Sheep: Absolutely the best baby thing we own. A complete lifesaver and our key to getting sleep at night (or at least a little bit more sleep). The instant we turned this on, Sam seemed to quiet and calm down. Now, everywhere he goes, the sleepy sheep goes, just in case.

5. Fisher Price bouncer: Sam loves his bouncy chair. It's the only way I get a shower in the morning.

6. Angelcare baby monitor: I love our baby monitor. It has a pad that goes under Sam's mattress that alerts us if it ever stops detecting movement or breathing. I also like that it only goes off if it detects noise in the room so you don't have to listen to static.

7. Rumparooz: Sam is still a little small for our cloth diapers, but I can't wait to use them!

What are your favorite baby products?

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  1. I love rumparooz! It's my favorite brand of pocket diaper. Love the Thirsties wipes too. One thing I did not have is the swaddleme blankets, but I already plan to get them for the next baby! (We used the Aden and Anais blankets, which I adore, but they were annoying to re-swaddle in the middle of the night.Besides your list, my absolute favorite items were the Moby wrap for the first three months and the Beco Butterfly carrier since then! Lifesavers!

  2. Hey! How do u put pictures up in a plain background and number them like that? Is there an app? Thanks


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