13 December 2012

Counting Down the Days

Although Sam is still so little, I wanted to start some Christmas traditions that will help him (and future Baby Ds) to understand why we celebrate Christmas and why it means so very much.

One of the traditions I hope to continue is our advent calendar.


I wanted something we could read every night to prepare our hearts for Christmas. A way to read the Christmas story over the course of 25 days. I looked and looked and finally found something I liked.


I used this from Be A Fun Mum. I love it because it breaks down the Christmas story into little daily readings, easy for kiddos to understand. Although we just do the reading, each day also includes a discussion question and an activity for kids.


I used the tutorial from AliLily to make the pockets. Four different colors of scrapbook paper, stamps for the numbers, a little yarn, and tiny clothes pins.

Simple, sweet, and the perfect little touch to celebrate the season!

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