25 February 2013

Starting Solids

Ok, didn't I just have a baby, like, yesterday? How is this happening already??

We've been trying out this whole solid food thing for about a week. Sam's not so sure how he feels about it. Somedays he loves it and can't get enough, and other days he just really wants to play with the spoon.

Today we introduced some flavor. Homemade butternut squash puree. He would have none of it. I managed to smear it around his face a bit in an attempt to get some in his mouth. We'll keep trying!

I'm super excited to make baby food. It feels so good to know exactly what's going into his food. I lost a bit of that feeling when I had to switch to formula, so I'm excited to be a bit more in control of his fruits and veggies.

We have this book and this book. We also have a baby bullet. While you certainly don't need a baby-specific processor, I think it makes it even more fun!

What a silly sir. Sitting up more, holding his head up, laughing, rolling everywhere, making ridiculous noises. I fall in love with him more every day -- I always think I've reached my love capacity for Sam and then he does something amazing and I just fill up even more.

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  1. So fun!! I know, it's so hard to believe our babies are at this stage already! And getting teeth too! I also have that Baby and Toddler cookbook and I really like it! Have you tried making yogurt? It's super easy and you can do it in the crock pot. Not sure, but they may recommend waiting until 6 months for yogurt. Audrey loves it. She also loves cinnamon, so I add a bit of that to some of her foods. Glad you are enjoying making things homemade! I love it.

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