09 January 2014

My Spirit

[Continuing to come clean with you all about my goals for 2014. Last (but most importantly), my need to come back to God and focus on the spiritual side of things.]

"My determined purpose is to be my utmost for His highest - my best for His glory." Oswald Chambers

This right here sums up all  my goals and hopes and dreams for 2014. To journey toward this and only this.

All of the goals I've set out for my home, my body, and my heart can really be lumped into this last one -- to prayerfully strive toward the best version of myself in order to serve His ultimate purpose for my life.

God has put me in the places I am - in our home, our community, and at work. As a wife, mother, friend, daughter. All of these things are in His design.

I would like to work this year to be the utmost me for His glory.

So what does that look like? Oh geez, I know what it looks like, yet I find myself making so many excuses. Not enough time to read my bible. Too tired to pray. Too busy for community.

It looks like being honest with my time and getting rid of excuses.

Getting up earlier. Getting outside my comfort zone. Treating myself better to have more energy for important thing. The most important thing.

I'd love to know: what does Oswald Chambers' quote mean to you? Where will you begin?

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