13 January 2014

Worth 1000 Words

1/6/14: I attempted a green smoothie with Kale, strawberries, peaches, and other goodies. Yummy but turns out it's terrible for me and my thyroid. Anyone want some kale?

1/7/14: Sam had a fever for a week (more on that later) and out house was out of control. Sam's new favorite game is to put his hands on books and slide down the hallway. Pretty cute.

1/8/14: My new planner came in. Happy mail indeed.

1/9/14: I've been stitching up a storm and love the things I'm working on right now. This pattern is from The Tiny Modernist.

1/10/14: We spent the morning at the doctor with Sam on Friday. He was champ through blood work, nose swabs, and chest x-rays.

1/11/14: Sam is a huge fan of sitting like a big guy. He puts a book on the chair or couch and then pulls himself up to read it (usually has the book upside down).

1/12/14: What most of our mornings look like. PJs, milk, and cheerios. Sam's iron was low and we were told to push the cheerios, however, he's not a fan anymore (I don't blame him, he's been eating them everyday since he was 6 months). I got him Kix and he thinks he's in heaven.

I'd love to know: what have you been up to, friends?


  1. I love that picture collage of your week, what a good idea. And your son is so cute! I hope that he feels better.

  2. Gosh, he's getting so big. What a cutie. Bummer about being sick - having sick toddlers is no joke.

  3. Kale is bad for you people with thyroid problems?


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