23 November 2009

Another Idea

Originally I had thought of turning the frame (from my last post) into something for over our bed. After seeing this however, I have changed my mind.

From a super cute blog called Tatertots and Jello.

I think I'm going to use her "summer" idea for over our bed, maybe spell out our names or a cute word.

For the frame, I'm going to finally put our cork collection to good use.

I'm pretty sure I can wing it, but I went ahead and Googled just in case:

1. Gather the corks (see "How to find corks for craft projects" on this web page).

2. Decide what you would like to display and how much room you will need.

3. Figure out what size board you want and find a wall that will hold this cork board.

4. Start with a piece of heavy foam board (much lighter in weight than wood), cut to size and cover with paper the same color as the corks. If the board is white than you can decide that since the foam board will not show through too much in between the corks, that this may be acceptable to you.

5. Framing – you can go to a Goodwill type store and purchase an old frame and then simply cut the foam board to size, or you can use a professional frame maker to build a frame around the cork board. Check out all the alternatives – price, quality, and timing – ahead of time.

6. It might be a good idea to have the frame in place before you starting laying out and gluing corks. This way you know that everything will fit at the end.

7. If you don’t put the frame on the board before you start gluing, make sure you leave a space (up to one inch) around the edge of the board so it can fit into the frame.

8. Lay out the corks in a pattern that pleasures you. You can use a box pattern (two up/two down) or you can have a row of horizontal corks and then a row of vertical corks. You may have to cut some corks down to size to fit within the frame. Glue the corks down using a glue gun doing one row at a time starting at either the top or bottom of the board.

9. Hang and enjoy.

I think step 1 is funny. I didn't need a website to tell me how to collect wine corks. I drank wine.

Also, I wouldn't have thought to paint the foam board the same color as the corks. Good thing I Googled.

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