21 November 2009


There are two old, metal medicine cabinets in each of the student rooms in my building. I have had my eye on one for a while. Yesterday, I mentioned it to one of our maintenance people and he went in his shop and came out with this beauty:

I know it doesn't seem like much, but with a little love and a lot of Martha Stewart Inspiration, I hope it will look like this:

According to Martha, A vintage medicine cabinet takes on a more glamorous role with ease. Refurbished and hung in the bedroom, an old wooden cabinet -- found at a flea market or yard sale -- is just the right size to stash jewelry, perfume, and other accoutrements. We lined a mirror-fronted chest with pink velvet and added dowels and decorative hardware. Mount the cabinet to a wall or the back of a closet door with appropriate hardware.
Jewelry Cabinet How-To

1. Cut dowels to the width of the cabinet's interior. Sand, prime, and paint dowels and any surface of the cabinet that won't be lined with velvet; let dry
2. Measure the length and width of all interior surfaces; cut poster boards to those dimensions. Label the back of each piece with the name of its section.
3. Cut pieces of velvet 1 inch wider than poster board; miter corners. Use spray adhesive to attach velvet to poster boards, wrapping excess fabric onto backs. Spray boards and mount them in the cabinet. Use decorative tacks to reinforce the board on the back of the door.
4. Install painted dowels about 1 inch above each shelf with dowel brackets.
5. Screw hooks to inside of back cabinet wall. Hang silk cord inside door using tacks. Attach door pull to cabinet front.

I will not, however, use pink velvet. I cannot think of a more un-Laura fabric.
Gosh, I'm so excited for my project!
I was also given:

It used to be some kind of screen. Kyle said it looked likes something you'd use to pan for gold. I ripped off the dirty mesh right when I brought it home. I am going to paint it and use it as a frame for above our bed.
I can't wait to get started!
p.s. My students have gone home! My building is closed! A week of quiet freedom!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog...yours is adorable as well :) Isn't it wonderful to have a week of freedom?? I am already overplanning my free time...as we speak!

    Lots of DIY projects...that might or might not get done! Also, thanks for the medicine cabinet idea. I scored a really rusty but chippy/cute cabinet and I had planned to give it away, but maybe I will try to refashion it...

  2. sounds like fun! enjoy working on your projects! thanks for stopping by :)


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