17 November 2009

Birds and Buttons

Just in time for my favorite holiday and a trip home to be with family…I get sick. The past two days have not been fun, but I’m trying to take it easy so that I will be in tip-top shape to close the building for fall break and road trip north.

My birdies are finished, but not without my own personal drama. I don’t think I mod-podged them correctly and they bubbled up into something nasty. I got mad, complained like a baby, and threw them away. The next morning, Kyle pulled them out of the trash (it was a brand new trash bag mind you) and they looked marvelous! Who knew?

Before we had two pictures like this, one hanging next to the shower and the other sitting on the vanity.

Now this birdie,

and this birdie

to match our birdie shower curtain.

Our latest project: buttons!

I have a collection of vintage (some are just downright old) buttons. I didn’t spend time collecting them, but rather, inherited the lot. Regardless, they’re fabulous.

Kyle and I bought our Christmas tree last week, a fake, rustic, beauty of a tree. Imagine a telephone pole with branches from Pottery Barn.
We are turning my button collection into button garland for the tree. We are also going to make ornaments out of the larger, fancier buttons.
What should we use as a tree topper?

Kyle and I were sitting at the table last night, stringing buttons onto cotton string, totally engrossed in our project. I asked Kyle if he ever thought in a million years he’d be doing this. He said no, and he definitely didn’t think he’d enjoy it. What a little crafty nester he’s turned in to.


  1. Your mother must have passed on her craft skills to you!!!! She can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving.

  2. Okay, I have to ask because I'm about to do this project...
    Did this come from Martha...
    If so...was it hard to do? I just bought the canvas and I am looking for cute fabric...

  3. did you see my button picture frame i sent to you via text?


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