14 November 2009

Weird Weekend

What a weird weekend.
This is not the weird part:

We had some friends over for little fiesta: Kyle’s famous enchiladas. Kyle and I love to play host and hostess and our friends were impressed with how cute our apartment is! We had a fabulous time. Dinner, drinks, dessert, and time spent downtown. Kyle and I were exhausted when we got home…we left dishes everywhere and went to bed!

I made cookies for our dinner party and they were yummy…I impressed myself. I rolled sugar cookie dough (from the tube) into little balls. I rolled the dough in crushed up almonds and sugar in the raw. The sugar on the bottom of the cookies crystallized and made the cookies a bit crunchy on the bottom and soft in the middle.

The weird parts:

Last night a student (and probably a few of his/her friends) thought it was a good idea to discharge a fire extinguisher in the basement…and no, there was no fire to extinguish. The powder and smoke from the extinguisher cause the alarm to go off thus evacuating 400+ students at 2:00 in the morning. I couldn’t really get back to sleep after that and woke up out of sorts.

I had a hair appointment at 10am and, since we only have one car, Kyle dropped me off on his way to work. I walked home. I remembered to bring a book with me to read while my hair was colored. I remembered to bring a few dollars for a latte. I didn’t remember, however, to bring keys. I got a ride to Kyle’s work to pick up the apartment key. By this time, he only had an hour left of work, so I made a quick trip to the mall. I found two cute pairs of flats for work- a black pair and a brown pair. I also found a few goodies in the Target dollar bin- fun Christmas cookie cutters, Christmas cookie sprinkles, and a rolling pin. I swear I did not leave my keys at home on purpose just so I could go to the mall!

Because of my forgetfulness, it was 3:00 by the time I started laundry, and of course there were all the dishes! There were eight of us at dinner so we pretty much used every dish, glass, and fork we own.

The weirdness continued…I walked out of my apartment (which leads into the residence hall) to find that someone dropped a glass and left it for someone to it up. Someone wrote a not-so-nice message in spray paint in one of my stairwells, someone left a smiley face in permanent marker by our elevators, and, umm…someone puked in the hallway. There I said it.

So basically, that has been my life for the past 24 hours. It’s never a dull day…heck, it’s never a dull minute.

On a crafty note, a couple of years ago I bought two paintings from TJ Maxx. I love them. Kyle hates them, however, and makes it a point to tell me daily.

A couple nights ago I said, “fine, let’s rip them apart and see what we can do with the frames.” So we did, and here is what I’m doing with the frames. It’s just the start. I am going to add branches and mod-podge the birdies into place.

Also, I am watching The Wizard of Oz. It’s on TV. How great is that!?

I hope that is the end to the weirdness for at least a little while. Nothing surprises me anymore so I won’t hold my breath.

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  1. Cookies look SO good and those birdies are amazing!


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