29 December 2009

Christmas Recap

I can't begin to tell you what a great Christmas we had. It was more wonderful than there are words to describe it.

Reasons it was so great:

It was our first Christmas as husband and wife.

We got to spend Christmas in our first "home" (which is no longer our home, but more on that later).

We got our favorite gift cards...hobby lobby and barnes and noble.

And my parents made the very long drive to spend the holiday with us!

It was just a cozy, comfortable, wonderful Christmas.

My parents drove in on Christmas Eve just in time for a delicious meal lovingly prepared by my hubby: baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans. He's a wonder...how did I get so lucky??

We went to church and then came home for presents! Kyle and I are so blessed!

Guess what I got??

I can't even believe it. Now I just have to learn how to sew. Any suggestions?

Christmas day we slept in a bit and then got ready for lunch with my cousin and her family. We cheated and got dinner made from the local grocery store. It was delicious, plus more time to spend together instead of in the kitchen. I supplied the green bean casserole. Always a crowd favorite.

We spent a great afternoon talking, laughing, and playing with their adorable boy, Trenton.

Thank you mom and dad for making our Christmas so special. We weren't able to spend time with Kyle's family and we are really missing them right now. We are so incredibly blessed to have parents who love and support us...we miss you!

I hope you all had a special Christmas and are getting ready to ring in the new year! More of my Christmas recap tomorrow.


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  1. Suggestions for sewing:

    1. a good (heavy) iron and nice ironing board are essential to making great seams. The iron is now your best friend, trust me.

    2. never skimp on thread. buy the good stuff.

    3. try, try again.

    4. at first, seek help understanding patterns if you're using store bought ones. if you ever need my mom's phone number, let me know (she's amazing at translating).


  2. It was a wonderful time that we will remember forever.
    mom and dad

  3. I am going to try to learn how to sew too. I have made a couple curtains, but I have no idea how to use patterns, etc. I found a place nearby that offers a class for $35 for beginners, and I'm thinking of doing that! Good luck!! Our first Christmas as H/wife was AWESOME...but don't worry...I think they just get better!

  4. When I started sewing the first things I made were purses and fleece pajama pants. They're super easy - you can use a pair of your jeans as a pattern for the pants!

    P.S. I miss you! Call me soon!

    - Adriana


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