31 December 2009

goodbye 2009

2009 has been a whirlwind indeed. It’s been a year of love, sadness, excitement, and growth. Above all it’s been a year of transition. A jewelry artist and one of my favorite bloggers asks, “what is your word this year?” Mine would have to be transition. Not the scary, can’t see what’s lurking around the corner kind of transition. But rather the wonderful kind that grows your heart and spirit and helps you become a stronger, more complete version of yourself.

Even as I type this I am among transition. My hall is now closed and I moved to take over as hall coordinator in a new building. I am working out of two offices as I finish my responsibilities shutting down the former building. There’s a 20 minute walk between the two halls and I just lugged back about 20 pounds of files…feel bad for me! Kyle and I moved into the new building last week and we are slowly (very slowly) getting our life unpacked again. We cherish our treasures and possessions, but near the end of the packing, we were throwing stuff in any available box, bag, or bin. Now they sit, waiting to be unpacked.

2009 has been full of transitions.

2008 ended with a tragic death of a former student and those feelings of sadness and doubt (and asking God why he took home such a young, beautiful soul so early in her time) carried over with me into 2009.

2009 was the year of the masters. I graduated in May with my masters degree in college student personnel. Although my two years spent in graduate school were the hardest two years of my life (spent with people who cared about me and challenged me…and others who couldn’t care less about me and made my life miserable), I made some of my best friends, created some lifelong memories, and fell in love again with university life and working with college students.

2009 was the year of the wedding. So much time and love was put into making our day so special and I am forever grateful to our parents for making our wedding absolutely, 100%, couldn’t- have-asked-for-a-better-day perfect. On July 25, 2009 I married my best friend, my soul mate, the love of my life, my other half, the person that God created just for me. Every detail of the day was amazing: the dress (my perfect, Grecian, one-shoulder beauty), the flowers, the church, the minister (my uncle), walking down the aisle to Hold My Hand by Hootie and the Blowfish, the ceremony, the vows, the kiss, the school bus, the reception hall in the country, the cake surrounded by our parents and grandparents wedding pictures, the hubcap on the head table, the toasts, my dance with my dad, our first dance as husband and wife, kissing to clinking glasses, our friends, our family, and being joined as man and wife in the presence of God and all those we love. I thank God every day for my incredible husband and pray that our marriage grows stronger with every passing year and that our love for our Father increases as we try to live a life together that praises Him.

2009 was the year of the big girl job and the move far, far from home. I knew from the minute I was met at the airport for my on-campus interview that this was the place for me. I was one of the first people in my cohort to get a job offer- it was the first on-campus I had and it all happened so fast, I was scared that I would make a bad decision. I weighed the pros and cons and quickly realized that this was where I needed to be. So we packed up our apartments and we embarked on a new adventure. This semester has been incredible. It has been challenging and downright terrible at times, but, at the end of the day, I love my job and the work that I am doing. I see my job as more than just an 8-5 (and not just because it is more than 8-5). I see it as working toward something bigger and better than myself. Each conversation I have, each conduct meeting I hold, each student I meet is an opportunity for me to make a difference and impact those around me. I am so thankful for the opportunity to do something every day (and all hours of the day) that really, truly makes a difference. The downside has been missing family, and I miss them every day. I think the best part of being away from them, however, is that when we are together, I cherish those times more than ever.

The door on the left was my first office, the door on the right was the apartment...the commute in my new hall is considerably longer (I have to cross the hall!)

I don’t know what 2010 will hold, and for someone as controlling and organized as me, the unknown can be hard. But I always remember Proverbs 3:5 (oh yea, 2009 was also the year of the tattoo…but sssshhhhh don’t tell anyone). Every day, in every minute and second, I must “trust the Lord with all my heart.” He knows what’s ahead and he has a plan for me. I will try hard not to “rely on my own understanding” but put my faith (and my years to come) in God’s hands.

2009 has been a wonderful whirlwind of transitions and I am looking forward to all the new journeys 2010 will bring.

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  1. Aaawww, what a great entry Laura! :) I just recently started to read your blog more frequently (I had quite a bit to catch up on!), and it is so wonderful! I love it! I sure hope that you had a Happy Christmas Laura, and that you are enjoying your holidays! Enjoy the rest of your time off (before students arrive that is!), and I wish you and Kyle a Happy 2010! I <3 U Laura! :)


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