21 January 2010

Crazy Love

Have you read this book?

We just started reading it in our small group and I am really excited to dive right in. In the preface, the author states "I grew up believing in God without having a clue what He is like. I called myself a Christian, was pretty involved in a church, and tried to stay away from all the things "good Christians" avoid- drinking, drugs, sex, swearing...In hindsight, I don't think my church's teaching were incorrect, just incomplete. My view of God was small and narrow." This really stands out to me and kind of resembles how I feel having grown up in the church. I always believed in God, but I've always felt like something else was missing.

I am excited to really learn what radical, unconditional, self-sacrificing love is, and to see how my life changes when I really truly believe in a God who is capable of this kind of love.

In the forward, Chris Tomlin writes "Isn't it interesting that in Acts 11, at the end of verse 26, it says 'The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.' What I think is interesting is the simple thought that the Christians didn't name themselves. But rather, were called (or named) 'Christians' by those watching their lives. I wonder if it would be the same today. Could someone look at your life or look at my life and name me a Christian? A humbling question for sure." I pray that my actions, words, attitude, how I live, and what I do with my money show people my heart for Jesus.


  1. To answer your question my dear daughter, YES you are a Christian by looking at your life, and a VERY good one at that!

    We lcve you so much!

    Mom #2

  2. I love your blog & learning more about you. Your heart for Christ shows through!


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