04 January 2010

New Year's Resolutions

In 2010...


I resolve to strengthen my relationship with Jesus Christ and be a woman of deep faith therefore I will read the bible (the whole thing), get connected in a small group, and become friends with at least one couple at church.

I resolve to better support my husband, respect him without condition, and put him first always therefore I will take care of his needs before my own, withhold judgment, and continue to find new ways to be his helpmate.

I resolve to leave work at work and enjoy every minute that I spend at home therefore I will let my phone go to voicemail, vent less about my difficult days, and limit my trips back across the hall to my office.

I resolve to take care of my health and build a strong body therefore I will go to the gym three times a week, go to bed earlier, and eat a bit better than I have been lately.

I resolve to seek out crafty, beautiful projects therefore I will learn a new jewelry making technique, work on my stamping skills, and learn to sew.

I resolve to find ways to deal with the stress of every day life therefore I will take a quiet bath once a week, write in my journal 5 days a week, and read a book a month.

I resolve to love myself therefore I will try to be confident in my abilities and talents, hold my head high, and truly believe my husband when he tells me I am beautiful.




  1. Aw, what awesomely wonderful resolutions Laura! You are so great, and I must say that I strive to be more like you (many of my resolutions are quite similar too, especially the one about supporting your husband and reading the Bible - I actually began my quest to read the entire thing not long ago! - isn't this crazy?!)! :) ! I wish you the best of luck Laura, and I know that you can and will do it! <3

  2. Laura, that is some list!

    Just trying to resolve one of the items would be a task for me.

    I think the MOST important one is the cell phone and leaving work at work. If you think about it, that is the one thing that could keep you from fulfilling all your other goals. I wish we all had phones that only worked between certain hours...wouldn't that be great!

    Love and Miss you. We can't wait to see you in three weeks or so.


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