13 February 2010

Getting Ready

I made a few Valentine's treats for my staff. They deserve all the cookies in the world for all the hard work they do! * I definitely cheated and used break-and-bake cookies...not that you can't tell from the strange square in the middle of some of them. Oh well...they were still yummy.

In other news, I dropped by our library book sale. It's the only public library I've ever seen that looks like Walmart the day after Thanksgiving. I had to follow a lady to her car and wait just so I could get a spot. I picked up a few goodies.

Kyle and I already have two copies of Travels with Charley. It's our favorite. I couldn't just let it sit there between the shelves of romance novels (and there were about a million romance novels by the way). I will find it a good home.

In other news still, Jupiter loves to do this:

Kyle doesn't like it (it was his water), but I think it's pretty cute.


  1. I have never read Travels with Charley but I really enjoyed Water for Elephants. Happy reading!

  2. SO cute!
    Not sure where the comment above came in but I loved Water for Elephants also! Just had to throw that in! :)


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