15 February 2010

Up Early

I woke up early and couldn't fall back asleep. For the past hour I've been laying on the couch (catching up on my favorite blogs) while a crazy little kitten runs laps around the living room.

Kyle and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day spent with dear friends. A perfect Sunday lunch followed by a trip to the hardware store. Remember the cat tree Kyle built for Jupiter?
Our friends wanted an even better, bigger version for their kitty. So we spent a Valentine's evening eating Italian food (and reheating the leftovers for a late-night snack), building, crafting, and making jewelry. A perfect day with those I love.


  1. Sounds like a fun day to me! And that cat looks like he's on top of the world : )

    And feel free to use my poem : )

  2. Sounds like both you and your hubby are good at creating! Glad you had a good Valentine's Day! And check out the links on my page sometime ;)

  3. That is an awesome cat tree!! It definitely looks like your kitty loves it.


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