01 March 2010

Thank Goodness

Thank goodness March is here!

For a short month, February sure has been dark, cold, dreary, and down right depressing.

I have always struggled with the month of February. Each year when it rolls around I swear I'm not going to let it get to me. That I'm not going to give myself to the dark days of winter. But once again I did. I wanted to just sleep my way through the month, and frankly, I kind of feel like I did. For 28 days I felt a bit empty, a bit heavy. I went to work late most days, missed meetings, made excuses, and let people down. I let myself down.

But today was different. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and more alive than I've felt in a while. I wasn't tired like I usually am. I wasn't dreading the day. I went to work early, stayed a bit late, and felt good about the work I was doing and about myself.

I can tell spring is on its way.

It's amazing how just a little feeling can change everything. How a new month can remind us that winter does not last forever. We will thaw out, new life will grow, and things will once again be a hundred shades of beautiful bright green.

"For how can one know color in perpetual green, and what good is warmth without cold to give it sweetness?"

That quote is from one of my favorite books (Travels with Charley) by one of my favorite authors (John Steinbeck). And how true he was. How true he is.

You know what else I love about March? My birthday is in March. And it's a big one this year! Can you guess how old I am? If you are like the parents of my students you will think I am 19 and the head RA. Nope, I am in fact quite a few years and a masters degree away from being an RA...but that's for another day.

You know what else I love about March? These make an appearance at the grocery store...

I promise I'll only eat a few.


  1. I love those egg candies! It is so hard just to eat a couple. And when is your birthday? I am also a March baby!

  2. I have the exact same problem with February and then LOVE March when it comes...its probably why I like St. Patricks Day so much :)


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