29 March 2010

Walk Around the Block

What an amazing day!

My hall is about a 20 minute walk from our main Residential Life office and my mailbox. Normally I dread this walk, but now that spring is here, I couldn't wait to get outside. I grabbed my camera, strapped on my Ssekos, and took pictures until I ran out of battery.

I love living and working on a college campus because it is so active and vibrant. There are always hundreds of people traveling in hundreds of different directions. I love being part of that.

But I also love it when they go home for a week and I have a quiet campus (almost) all to myself.


Check out this awesome giveaway at The Rusted Chain. How great is our God!


  1. spring is the only reason to love thru winter!

  2. Wonderful spring photos...love the bench and your strappy sandals.

  3. I love your cute little hankerchief necklace and hair pins. I hope to see you link some of your projects up to my blog party to get you more traffic!


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