12 April 2010

Saturday is Crafty Day

I'm so excited to share this with you! There are a zillion linky parties out in bloggy land (and I think I participate in half a zillion) and I wanted to throw my hat in the ring, too. On Saturday April 24th I will be launching "Saturday is Crafty Day @ along for the ride!"

 I am so excited and would like to invite all of you to participate.

along for the ride

Saturdays are the days I look forward to most. The hubby works all day, and, as a major introvert, I love having the whole day, just me and kitty, to clean, cook...and craft!

So if you're anything like me and just love to be crafty and creative on the weekend, I'd love it if you linked up! Anything crafty, creative, and original will do, even if you didn't make it on a Saturday :)

I'd also love it if you would grab the Crafty Saturday button and spread the word. If you help me out you  will either be entered to win a pearl and ribbon necklace or I will advertise your shop/blog/what have you on my side bar (for free!) for a month. Just leave me a comment letting me know you did. Sound like a plan!?


  1. Sounds like fun! I added your badge to my blog http://www.lifeonpossomtrot.com/

  2. Today's post will advertise your party! I can't wait to join in on Crafty Day! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Thanks for the heads up! I'll be back!

  4. oooo i want to party! :)

    thanks for the heads up...i will be linking up!

    but i may be emailing you on how to do so. technology and i aren't really on speaking terms.

  5. What a fun idea! Thanks for letting me know and inviting me!

  6. I'm so excited. Thanks for the invite. I will definitely be linking up!

  7. Hi Laura, love your crafty idea, I'll post your button on my blog, and I'll let you know when I get a button...
    Look forward to participating1

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments- I will be here Saturday!

  9. I'll be playing tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by my blog and inviting me over. I've got your button up in my sidebar! :)


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