30 April 2010

Yes, This Is My Real Job

*Here's the part where Laura shares a little bit about her job*
[I tell you all of this because so much of who I am and what I do comes from my unique job/living situation/crazy life that comes living with 400 students]

For those of you who do not know, I am a residence hall coordinator. I am not the "head RA," nor am I doing this while I go to school. I am not doing this until my "real job" comes around...this is my real job and I worked really hard to get here.

This is the short story of how I got to where I am.

I went to college to be a famous journalist. I was going to wander the country meeting people and sharing their stories. I wanted to write about everything and get famous doing it! However I fell in love with the college campus much more than the newsroom.

After graduating from college with a journalism and political science degree, I went on to get my master's degree in College Student Personnel. I know you've probably never heard of this, but rest assured, it's a real degree.

I graduated last May, moved states and started my big-girl job, went home for 4 days to get married, and came back on Tuesday and went back to work.

Some common questions when people find out that I am a hall coordinator:
  • Are you going to school?
  • What's your major?
  • What you want to do when you grow up?
  • Are you the head RA?
  • You live in the hall, like with the students?
  • And you actually wanted to do this.
My answers are nope, none, this, nadda, oh yea, more than anything!

According to my position description, my responsibilities include supervision of student staff, academic support, community development, assessment, conduct, and crisis intervention.

According to Wikipedia, "another aspect of being a Residence Hall Director is that they also tend to live in the hall or a separate adjoining apartment. They also tend to be on call 24 hours a day and are generally called by their RAs if problems arise needing attention." That sounds about right!

I'll be posting a few more tidbits about my crazy awesome job so stay tuned!


  1. I graduated in business but have done artistic stuffs for a job like...Makeup Artist, pro dancer for Disneyland Paris, designer.
    I loved reading more about you :)
    Don't forget my French Obsession Party and Give away tomorrow!!

  2. You are the best residence hall coordinator I know!!!

  3. Sounds like a fun and challenging job. Specially challenging is the 24 hour on call. At least you'll never grow old being around so many "hip" and young people. Thanks for sharing with us, I did think you were in college, although I never asked.

    By the way, I've changed my blog address, come by and visit me whe you get a chance. God bless.

  4. It sounds like a really interesting and fulfilling job and I am pleased you love it so much.

  5. I am an RA in an undergraduate dorm. I know all about University Housing fun times. :P

  6. My husband and I did this too! We only did it for a few years...until we had to move for his grown up job, but we loved it. Fun and challenging and an amazing opportunity/experience. Now that we have a house full of kids, I don't see us doing it ever again, but I definitely recommend it to those interested.

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    What a fun blog here,
    Kate - The Garden Bell

  8. sounds like a fun job! have a super weekend!! susan

  9. Oh, I forgot to tell you that you now have a new follower!!

  10. Okay, I am impressed! I didn't even know what an HC job was until I read your post! I never got to go to college. I think it is great that you are doing something you enjoy. I have told my teenagers that success to us is supporting yourself and family while doing something you enjoy! I am enjoying your blog and thanks so much for stopping by over at my place!!


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