14 May 2010

Guest Post: Bookworm to Bombshell and Saturday is Crafty Day #4

Hello everyone! I am so happy to be blogging here at Along for the Ride! I'm Kate and I started my blog Bookworm to Bombshell to try to find and recognize the little bits of glamour in my life. I never dreamed that blogging would energize my crafty spirits, but it has!

Today I'd like to share a super simple tutorial for an adorable shabby summer necklace.

1. a variety of wooden beads
2. a long strip of muslin or other fabric (approximately 60-65 in. long and 1.5 in.wide)
Decide what color, pattern, and formation of beads you want for your necklace. Sometimes I just make this up as I go along, but you can decide if you want to use different colors, shapes, or sizes before you start threading the beads.
The process is super simple. Twist the end of the muslin so that it can be threaded onto the bead. I usually start with the center bead and work my way up on each side to keep things even. When your bead is in place simple tie a small knot on each side.
Keep beading and knotting as you go.
Just keep going. You can trim any frayed edges that you don't like (I think the frayed edges give the necklace charm).
Your finished product should look like this!
I sprayed the very ends with a bit of fray stop to make it easier to tie. I chose not to add any type of clasp because this way you can change the length however you would like!
Aren't they cute? They make me think of a breezy walk on the beach!
I hope this tutorial is helpful! You can have a chance to win either of these necklaces tomorrow on my blog! Be sure to head over to enter in the giveaway!
Thanks to Laura for inviting me to guest post today!


  1. Thanks for hosting again Laura. Have a great weekend!

  2. Lovvvvve that necklace. Can't wait to check out the other blog entries. Have a great weekend. Diane

  3. Thank you for having this party so we can show off our "talents"!!! The necklace is great!

  4. great necklace! I'll have to try that!

  5. Laura,
    Thank you for visiting my crackle painting blog post and the invite to your lovely party! I've linked up and added you to my side bar. Now I'm going to cruise the party and see what is there, looks like alot of fun!

  6. Thank you so much for hosting this great linky. Although my project is more under the self improvement category I am hoping to bless whoever might need the inspiration.

    Have a blessed day!

  7. thank you so much for hosting this!!! i shared a lot of projects, hope you don't mind. but, i've never been to your party before :)

  8. Laura,

    Very cute links again!!!

    :) Laura

  9. My grandma used to make those...in fact I have one that my girls wear...I like yours with the muslin and wooden beads...


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