04 May 2010

My First Attempt With Burlap

Recently, I thought I'd give burlap a try and make some new summer wall art to spruce up my living room. Other bloggers make it look so easy...oh my it was a mess for me!

My hubby brought me home a few burlap sacks from work. I thought I would combine them with a few [random] items i found at the dollar store.

2 strange parrot pictures
2 onesies

I covered each picture with two layers of canvas to fully cover the parrots. It was a pretty painful process. I didn't think about how the hot glue would seep through the holes in the burlap, but boy it did.

[my poor hands!]
I made a few easy flowers and rosettes from the onesies (using the seams for the rosettes) and hot glued them to the burlap. I used the snaps for the center of the large flowers.

A little messy, but totally worth it!!

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  1. cute art. Sorry to hear about your fingers.

  2. Ooooh, what a fab idea ~ how lovely your artwork looks :-)

    I have some hessian fabric stashed away in my shed ~ which I bought for goodness-knows-what purpose! ~ and you've now given me the incentive to try out something similar ~ thank you, sweetie (((hugs)))

    Mind you, I'm a teensy wee bit nervous about the hot-glue-and-fingers combination LOL

  3. Cute! Don't you just love burlap? It sure is messy though!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  4. Hai:

    i just saw your entry at 'someday crafts' right after mine and thought to check it out.

    What comes to mind is to remind you to cherish those first trials, as they are the golden seeds for many future projects.

    We're entering an Antropologie-inspired bag making lesson and a Mothers Day Love jar project in this link party. Come check them out...

  5. oh my your hands... but you did a very nice job!

  6. Great job, love that you used the onesies. Your hands make me want to cry, mean glue gun! :(

    At least you didn't cut your burlap over your carpet while sitting on the couch, HA! That's what I did on my first time and it was a huge mess!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. It was worth it! And look what you made! Next time it will be easier, I hope.

  8. Oh no, you hands...but you did such a nice work on these!

  9. Just stopping in from the blog hop. What a fun idea! I've been wanting to try burlap but just haven't yet. This looks like a non intimidating idea that I might just have to try! Keep craftin'!

  10. Thanks for linking up! I think your burlap art turned out cute...even though you sacrificed your fingers :-)

  11. Hi Laura, that is a very cute idea! I have a tip whenever I use hot glue I always have a wooden stick to push things down so the glue doesn't get on my fingers. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Laura!

    Very cute. I love those little flowers. fun project!


  13. hmm..i've never used burlap either. i'll have to try to find something fun to try it out with. your art looks great :) thanks for sharing at my saturday soiree


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