03 May 2010

Anatomy of a Hall Coordinator

I wanted to share a bit more about my life as a hall coordinator (please check out my previous post for more hall coordinator goodness!).

Being a hall coordinator is a busy busy job and it seems like I'm constantly on the run.

This is the anatomy of a hall coordinator:

This is me, Laura, in hall coordinator mode.

1. Projector: I was carrying a gigantic projector back from a project that my students had. It was just about the heaviest thing ever.

2. Smoothie: this hall coordinator thing is a tough job and requires lots of sustenance to keep me going. Today's refreshment of choice? A coconut banana smoothie.

3. Pager: although it's difficult to see, clipped ever so classily to my belt is a pager [circa 1980]. I was on-call that week which means I carry around a pager 24-7 to help student staff with all kinds of situations, from the silly to the crazy.

4. Comfy shoes: My residence hall is a good 20 minute walk from just about everything. Carrying this much stuff, it's vital to have some comfy walkin' shoes. In fact, I walk so much that I clear wore through this pair.

5. Cute Accessory: Being an HC isn't always the most glamorous job, so I definitely try to stay cute any way I can. Feeling cute makes even the worst parts of the job bearable [they did what in the hallway at 3 in the morning??]

6. Ummm: It has been a while since I took these pictures and I don't really remember what number 6 was referencing? We'll consider this one a freebie.

7. Layers: I never leave my house without plenty of clothing options. Sometimes I leave the hall at 9am and don't return until 3 or 4. A lot can happen to Midwest weather in 7 hours. My coat of choice? My jean jacket [are they still even in style??]

8. Bookbag: It sure takes a lot of stuff to be an HC. From a Netbook to notebooks, important files to extra pens, I try to always be ready for anything the day brings me.

I have one more installment of my life as an HC...get excited!



  1. awesome. just awesome.

    i forgot to link up to your party because i was out of town. i WILL do it soon! :) happy monday, pretty girl!

  2. What a great post! Love that you've forgotten what the hell you were thinking about with number 6!

  3. 6 = Students! ;)

    I love your HC posts Laura! :) I hope you are doing well! I miss you! <3


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