04 August 2010

Blog Swap: Meet Virginia

Hey Guys!

I'm Morgan!!!

First I have an amazing giveaway going on right now! Hop on over to enter!!

Now A Little About Me:

~I LOVE to be creative in any shape or form! I started Meet Virginia as an outlet for being creative and to share ideas with everyone in the blogosphere!

{Plate Mural}

~I love fashion! I graduated from a Fashion Merchandising program in the fall and loved every minute of it!!

{Funky-O Scarf Tutorial HERE}

I also do a weekly posting called: Weekend Wear. It's fun, and full of great tips on current trends, and how to dress for your body type!

{Check out the latest Weekend Wear HERE}

~I am a TV fanatic! Some of my favorite shows are: Survivor, The Big Bang Theory, Project Runway, Design Star, The Hills (it's the hubs and I's guilty pleasure!), and so on and so on! I also LOVE to crochet while I watch TV it's so relaxing to me!

{Crocheted Bib Necklace}
~I Love thrift shopping! Taking old things and revamping them is my favorite, and also saves money another one of my favorite things!!

{New Plaques with Personality!}

~I Love blogging and getting to meet new friends like Laura!! Isn't she the best!

Today I am sharing an awesome project:

Embroidery Hoop Monograms!

Here is mine all done up:
{I swear I have a super duper addiction to monograms right now!}

Here is what was on my wreath hanging thing before:

{ A makeshift wreath made from garland, that wasn't on the color scheme and sorta blarfy!}

Want to make your own??

Here is what you need:

~Embroidery Hoop
{I found mine at a thrift store, a pack of 4 for $2 bucks!}

~Fabric: 2 different colors or patterns for contrast.

~Needle and Thread, or Sewing Machine


~Hot Glue



~Printer ;)
This is how you do it:

1. Measure the circumference of your hoop, to tell how large to make your monogram and how big to cut your fabric. Remember when cutting your fabric to leave enough to secure with hot glue on the opposite side.

2. Once you have cut your fabric to the right dimensions you can cover the inner circle of your hoop with the batting and the fabric. I used batting on mine to create a little more loft, but if you don't want to just skip it. When you have it positioned where you like it begin to secure the fabric to the inner hoop with hot glue on the opposite side, continue around remembering to pull tight as you go.
3. Now climb onto your computer and open up Word. Pick a font that is pleasing to you as well as a size that fits your hoop. My font size ended up being 400! Once you have gotten your monogram the way you like it print it off.
4. Cut out your previously printed off monogram.
5. Use your previously cut out monogram as a stencil and trace it on to your fabric using a pencil.

6. Cut out your traced monogram, and align it where ever is pleasing to you on your hoop. You can either hand stitch this on like I did with a simple running stitch or sew it on with your machine.

7. I added some fabric to create a bow by hot gluing two strips onto the opposite side, this is optional you can just hang it how it is.

8. Hang and ENJOY!!

So what do you think??? This was seriously super easy, thank goodness for the computer right!

Thank you Laura for letting me swap with you today girl! I had such a blast posting for you guys and can't wait to get to know you better! If you have any questions about anything or just for fun please let me know I am more than happy to help! Hope you all have a great day!! Thanks again! Love, love.


Don't forget!!

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