03 August 2010


Hi Friends!

Do you have a shop you'd like to feature? A new blog you want to promote? I'd love to write a feature about you and then include a giveaway to get even more people excited. How does that sound??

If you are interested in being featured/hosting a giveaway on "along for the ride," send me an e-mail at iamalongfortheride[at]gmail[dot]com.


  1. hmmmm... I wonder if my stuff is up to par?

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  3. I gave you an award on my blog!



  4. Your kindness challenge peaked my interest. I am a huge believer in the Pay it Forward philosophy. I drive home to NY quite often and always cross over the Newburgh/Beacon Bridge over the Hudson River. The toll is $1.00 and I always pay for whoever is behind me. I tell the toll collector to tell the driver they are my random act of kindness and to pass it on. I love the baffled and appreciative looks the drivers always give me as they pass me and wave. Makes me smile every time ;-)

    Janet xox

  5. Visiting from Friendly Friday Follow. Be sure and stop by my blog and take a peek. Subcribe by email or RSS so that you don't miss a single post!

  6. hi, sounds like a good idea...i sent you an email..let me know if you're interested..thnks


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