01 August 2010

Our Life: A Recap

We've been super busy the last few weeks. Here's a recap:

Last weekend was our one-year anniversary. We spent an incredible weekend in a quaint little town touring the wineries. There are quite a few local wineries and we enjoyed them all!

This week I worked a lot, and I am preparing to work even more the next couple of weeks (we're talking 60-70 hours here.) A highlight of my busy work week was having a few little friends over for pizza and crafts. Remember this family? I've been blessed with their friendship and I feel like I've become part of their family. I've gone over a few times to eat dinner with them and make jewelry with the girls. Last week I had the girls over for make your own pizza and a sewing lesson. We made little pouches and painted pictures.

Kyle's family visited this weekend. We spent a fabulous few days eating amazing food, catching up, and showing them all the highlights of our little town (most of which related to the first point of eating amazing food). Some food highlights included grilled portobello with garlic and herb risotto, carrot cake ice cream, eggs and toasts from our favorite diner, ribeye with truffle mashed potatoes and asparagus, and sandwiches with fresh farmers market ingredients.

Today, however, has been much less exciting.

It has involved this...




the students are moving out of their apartments this weekend, and you never know what treasures you can find!


and this...

Kyle is trying to learn how to whistle with his fingers. Oh boy.

1. Hold your thumb and index finger about 1/8 inch apart, almost as if you are forming the "A-OK" sign. Place the fingers just inside your mouth, enough to close your lips over your fingers. Keep the gap to allow air flow between your fingers.

2. Push your tongue back behind your bottom row of teeth. Allow the tips your fingers to rest against your lower teeth.

3. Press your lips firmly against your two fingers. They shouldn't be loose but rather stretched across your fingers. Flatten your tongue.

4. Inhale deeply, then blow air into the "V" formed by your two fingers. Use your tongue to guide the air in that direction. Blow slightly downward until you hear a whistle.

5. Adjust your fingers, lips and tongue as necessary to produce a whistle. Blow harder to increase the sound of the whistle. You're now ready to hail a cab in any city in the U.S.



  1. I like the winery pics! Sounds like you guys had a great trip :) And dumpster diving is awesome! haha!

  2. I just giggled out loud at that picture of Kyle :) Can't wait to see you all in a week!

  3. Happy anniversary. Looks like a fun weekend. I would recommend whistling with your two index fingers, it's much easier.

  4. I remember how much stuff students toss in the dumpsters, egad!
    The whistling thing had me cracking up because me and a trio of ladies were just discussing that on Saturday. I've got to try out those instructions...

  5. Looks like you've been a busy, busy lady! Happy anniversary!

  6. Happy anniversary! I've been trying to whistle, but have already given up. It's just air...not even a peep of a whistle.:)

  7. That looks like such a fun and special anniversary getaway. I so enjoyed seeing the pictures. <3

  8. your anniversary getaway looked like so much fun! and relaxing! yay for you!


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