04 October 2010

Become a Sponsor!

Hopefully you've noticed, but I recently started offering sponsorship on Along for the Ride.  In addition to offering add space for 5 bucks a month, I am also interested in ad swapping!
Along for the Ride has over 1,200 followers via google friend connect and RSS feed with over 35,000 unique visitors since April 30. I post almost daily and host a successful craft party on Saturdays that averages 98 link ups and 1,1823 clicks on Saturdays alone.

Understated? Send me an e-mail at iamalongfortheride.@gmail.com

*And don't forget about this week's giveaway!*


  1. the swap sounds marvelous! I'm emailing you! :)

  2. What are the requirements for ad swapping?

  3. I LOVE the new flower banner! congrats on all of your web traffic!! thats huge!!


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