17 January 2011

Storing Christmas Garland

Well friends, I think I'm scratching the bottom of the crafty barrel. I've been so busy working on items for my shop/local shop that doing other crafty things has kinda fallen by the wayside.

So here's all I could come up with.

Last year Kyle and made button garland for our tiny toothpick tree. I have quite the collection of vintage buttons so it seemed fitting.

Last year I just wrapped it up around an empty toilet paper roll and threw it in the storage box. Big mistake.

This year we didn't have button garland. We had a giant garbled button mess.

There was lots of this

and this

and this.

This year Kyle had the great idea of using pvc pipe (thin-walled 4-inch pvc to be exact...my hubby used to work at a hardware store) to store our treasured garland.

There are very few supplies involved. Just pipe, snips, and a very fierce looking husband.

Cut a notch.

Cut another notch to make a little triangle.

It looks like this (but much less blurry).

There you have it! Button garland ready for happy, carefree storing.



  1. Great idea! I used thin wire for my button garland and I found it did not tangle as much. I have to admit, though, I don't put it away that often. I love to use it all year long. I just made a few more with my daughter last weekend.

  2. Smart! Love this idea. And, I"m adoring the button garland.


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