18 January 2011

Virtual Coffee


This is the first time I'm participating in Virtual Coffee at Lucky Number 13!
So if we were meeting for coffee today, I might actually get tea. I'm on a tea kick lately.

I would really only have one story to tell you.

Last night at 3:30am my hubby and I awoke to what we thought was either an earthquake or a bomb exploding. After a few drowsy minutes we realized that one side of our bed came off of the bed riser.

We have the plastic round kind. It turned out that the leg of the bed didn't just slip off. It actually broke through the bed riser. 

Kyle had us remove all the bed risers (a nightmare) and of course we had to remove all the stuff we have been hiding under the bed (also a nightmare). 

So now we have a low bed and stuff all over what used to be a clean bedroom.

I think that's the diet god's telling us we really do need to go on a diet. It broke through on my side. Coincidence? I think not.

So that's what I would tell you if we were meeting for coffee today. I also might ask you if I looked out. I'm not quite sure I like my outfit. 

Oh and I would probably tell you a cat story because that's what I do: Jupiter has recently started to tightrope walk across our headboard. One of these days she's going to fall right on my head.

Hopefully next week when we meet for coffee I'll have a bit more exciting things to tell you!



  1. Oh my word! What a fright to wake up to!
    Blame the cat :)

  2. I am laughing hysterically right now about the bed! Since we are having coffee, I'm sympathizing with you because we have been there! We used to have this wooden headboard/footboard connected by two wood sides. The problem is that underneath the manufacturer grossly underestimated the need for mattress support. At about 3am one morning, the bed just fell to the ground. mattress/box spring/headboard/footboard. We thought it was an earthquake, being in socal and all, but nope, it was just us breaking the bed.

  3. oh, that was funny! i thought you were going to say a tree fell on your house or something; ) don't you hate that stuff though? i just want to cringe thinking of all that would be found under my bed. eeek! thanks for joining in for coffee this week!

  4. Gosh, I'm kinda hoping you don't have anything more exciting next week! This was certainly exciting enough! Hopefully nothing worse happens! And it does not mean you should diet! Hahaha it means those were probably cheap risers! You silly! :)

    <3 Ashley

  5. Laura, I think you could blame it on Jupiter...he probably has put a few pounds on during the holidays...perhaps he was sitting on your side of the headboard. Yes, I am sure that is what happened! That must have startled you both awake really fast!

  6. Oh wow - what a way to wake up!!! So not fun.
    I'd love to go to coffee. We could swap cat stories. :)


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