20 January 2011

What Inspires Abby

     Hi, everybody!  I totally echo Laura about the dreary-ness of this time of year.  I always find myself working towards Spring Break and the sunshine it promises.  :]  Here are a few of the things that keep me going towards that goal:

Sitting down for a chat with a good friend and a yummy Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks.  Delicious!

 Listening to music by my favorite band (The Beatles!), like Magical Mystery Tour (click for YouTube video).

Taken by my lovely friend Sarah.
Belonging to an awesome small group.  Fellowship (and food!) with other like-minded women is such a huge encouragement.  

And last but not least, remembering that flip flop season is only a few months away!  :]

     Well, those are just a few of the things that inspire me during these gloomy winter months.  Feel free to come visit my blog over at graduate "extraordinaire"!  Thanks for letting me share, Laura!  :]


What inspires you?

During these next few weeks I'd love to feature you. What brings you warmth in the winter? What lights up your days during these dark months?

Interested in being featured?
Send me an e-mail with your post (html code preferred). 

I hope to hear from you!


  1. Good music is definitely inspiring!!

    <3 Ashley
    ashley dot hasty at gmail dot com


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