19 January 2011

What Inspires Gina

Hiya Along for the Ride Readers! I am so excited to "meet" you and share with you some inspirations that tend to cure the winter blues get me through the winter! I am so excited about this series because I can't wait to read everyone ELSE's posts! I want to see what others are inspired by and hopefully open my eyes to newness! 

Anyhow-without further ado...

Take a minute. 
Inspiration is all around.
I define inspiration as material things that make my heart flutter, add a sparkle to my eye, and make me feel giddy. 
I am inspired by people with eclectic, genuineness to their personality. 

{I am inspired by kindness, love, passion, respect, and integrity.}

I am inspired by Fabric. Touching, feeling the texture of fabric and envisioning what the fabric would look like after I mold and create it into something unique and special. 
A yard of fabric is just that; fibers intertwined together to make a sheet...until you create.

I am inspired by Quotes. 
Sometimes I search for a quote to describe how I am feeling. It is highly likely to find me sitting with my computer sifting through websites looking for quotes. I will sit and reflect on the quote, what it means to me, and how it can relate to my blog and my readers. From there a post is born!

I am inspired by this picture. 

I am inspired by Friendship, Fellow bloggers, & Tweeters
I love connecting with others through social media and am amazed at how many fabulous people I have been blessed to meet *and still meet* because of the warm community online. 

I am inspired by Candles on a cold, dreary winter night make the house feel cozy.

I am inspired when Sewing.

***I am inspired by Splashes of color in the gray. ***

I am inspired by Snuggles with a furry friend.

{ I'm inspired by you. }

Thanks Laura for inviting me to talk about some of my inspirations. I hope to see ya 'round!

Luv & smiles,


What inspires you?

During these next few weeks I'd love to feature you. What brings you warmth in the winter? What lights up your days during these dark months?

Interested in being featured?
Send me an e-mail with your post (html code preferred). 

I hope to hear from you!



  1. Those little dears are super cute. I wish I could do something like that

    Just Better Together is having a $20 gift certificate giveaway!

  2. I love this post. It totally inspires me. I like the series, maybe I'll have a guest post for ya. Great topic!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love hearing what inspires other people.


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