24 January 2011

What Inspires Beth

Greetings, Along for the Ride readers!
I'm Beth from dot...in the city 
Laura asked me: what inspires you?

The winter months can feel long (especially living in New England)
& so I am happy to share what brings me warmth and lights up my days during winter.

{In a nutshell, I am inspired by love, honesty and service.}

I work on a college campus, so the return of students
brings light and energy into my office in the middle of January.
Boyden Hall at Bridgewater State in the winter {source}
new music, or at least finding music I'm unfamiliar with
[I've never been too hip with the music scene]

the fabulous Twitter and blogger community I discovered
...inspiration abounds when I am on Twitter or peruse my favorite blogs!

finding and learning something new
[right now, it's learning to sew well and last year it was wedding planning]
I love seeing a DIY projects I want to try out and keep tabs on them using tumblr.
the opportunity to give to others through service

sharing a cup of coffee/hot chocolate/tea with good friends

an old fashioned letter or card in the mail;
sending or getting them, I love both!

cooking and baking are also inspirational for me in the winter
I love trying a new recipe or baking cookies, 
enjoying the warmth of the oven or stove as it heats our cozy kitchen.

Thanks, Laura, for inviting me to join you and share some inspiration with your readers!


What inspires you?

During these next few weeks I'd love to feature you. What brings you warmth in the winter? What lights up your days during these dark months?

Interested in being featured?
Send me an e-mail with your post (html code preferred). 

I hope to hear from you!

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