23 February 2011

Ideas Wanted

So I am less than 50 people away from 1000 followers.

This is big. This is huge. So I want to celebrate...

I just have no idea how.  Can you help me?

I'd love to hear your ideas of how I should celebrate. 

Should I hold a huge giveaway?
Multiple giveaways?
Blog series?
Blog hop?

Although I love giveaways, I kind of wanted to stay away from it, unless I could get something really big. Instead, I was pondering on the idea of '1000 acts of kindness' where I could ask folks around blog world to write about a way in which a simple act of kindness they did made a difference in someone else's life. Then when I reach 1000 followers, I can give the go ahead and we would all post it. 

It would be like the kindess heard around the world. Or at least the blog world.

What do you think?

I want this to be big. Bigger than big. But I need your help. Please comment with any ideas. Or if you like the kindness thing, let me know. Even better, let me know if I can count on you to participate and spread the word.



  1. I love the idea of having you and your followers participate with the acts of kindness! A giveaway isn't fun for the whole blogging community (even though I do love me a giveaway!) in the same way that interacting and sharing stories is!!

  2. Well, I have to admit to loving give-aways, I wouldn't be normal if I didn't. ;-) I like lots of small things instead of one big thing--that way, more people have a chance.

    I love...really love...the kindness thing. Except could it be for, or include, a kindness someone has done for you that made a difference or changed your life, as well as the ones you've done for others. I probably wouldn't post one I've done, I like to keep that sort of thing more private--it feels sort of braggy. But, I could write a book about the kindnesses I've received in my life!!

  3. That's a great idea Wren! I hadn't thought of that.

  4. I'm too tired to think well right now, but I love the kindness idea. Hmm, I shall ponder some more.

  5. This is very exciting! I love the kindness idea! I like what Wren said - it would be easier for me to write about something someone had done for me rather than the alternative. ;)
    I think it's a sweet idea for a 1000 celebration!

  6. i love this idea! funny i just hit 100 followers and did a 100 things i 'love' so i totally think your idea of 1000 acts of kindness, rocks!

  7. I love your idea!! Hahaha, I've celebrated my reaching of 50 followers al together by hosting a creative writing contest :-)

    Check it out if you want to join @


  8. Congrats on almost reaching 1000 followers...that is HUGE! I love the idea of the acts of kindness, you should do it!

    Also, I have a great Dove chocolate giveaway going on right now and would love if stopped by and entered: http://eyespydiy.blogspot.com/2011/02/dove-chocolate-discoveries-giveaway.html

    ~Katie @ Eye Spy DIY

  9. Such a good idea! The kindness thing is creative and awesome... I already have been thinking of what I want to add to it!

  10. RAKs sound fun!!! But if you want to do giveaways - I'd love to sponsor one!

  11. i just found your blog.. i love it! congrats with your almost 1000! i will definitely be back. i am getting my little business started... well blog, business to hopefully come shortly. i love the inspiration of you almost 1000.


  12. I love the kindness idea! I would definitely participate! :]

  13. I'm so excited about the kindness idea. Especially writing about something kind someone else has done for us! So cool!!

  14. I just found your blog from Oh, Mishka. I think you should do a blog hop but maybe somehow incorporate the acts of kindness into it...

  15. oh i am a huge fan of getting the followers involved somehow!!!! :) the kindness thing is genius:)

  16. i also like the acts of kindness idea. think of all the cool things that could be accomplished in 1,000 acts of kindness! crazy cool. CRAZY cool.


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