23 February 2011

Shops I Adore: Cotton Lane

There are just so many gorgeous handmade shops out there that I want to start sharing some of my favorites with you. Those shops that catch my eye, make me happy, bring a smile to my face.
Simply, shops that I adore.


I've been a fan of Caroline's blog for a while and I just think she has such cute accessories in her shop. 

How cute and creative is that?!

Some of my other favorites...

Interview with Caroline:

What is the story behind your shop name?

My mom and I actually sat and brain-stormed a while trying to come up with a creative name for my shop. I don't really know how we ended up where we did, but I love it and think its pretty perfect for my products.

What inspires you to create?

I draw inspiration from just about everywhere. I love looking at magazines (especially wedding ones :) and flipping through crafty books. When I begin designing things I usually start with color and go from there...It's all kind of random, and I usually have some sort of "Ah-Ha" moment, am inspired, and can't stop creating!

What can be found in your shop?

I love all kinds of accessories. Whether that be for your house, your hair, or your purse. My shop is stocked with everyday goodies that add flair to your normal routine and look! (i.e. headbands, pillow covers, receipt holders, etc!)

What is one word to describe your work?


Thank you so much, Caroline, for letting me feature your beautiful shop! And guess what, folks? She's getting married soon! You should probably hop over to her blog and wish her congratulations!



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