28 February 2011

Praying for Each Other

Each Monday I will be posting prayer requests so that we can hold one another up and pray for each other throughout the week. 

 You can e-mail your prayers requests to me at iamalongfortheride[@]gmail[.]com. Feel free to e-mail today and I can add them. If you e-mail me throughout the week, I will post them next Wednesday.

Frames and Names: Can I ask for you to pray that God take the burden of fertility issues off my shoulders. I feel so broken and useless. I know there's a plan behind it all but right now I feel like it's a huge weight on my shoulders. Just want it lifted.

Jacqui: My hubby is going back to school for his masters, so he can teach. This puts a huge strain on us financially & we're already trying to dig out of debt. Pray that we'd trust God to continue to provide just as we trusted Him to lead us this far!

ChicGeek DesignsI need prayers for my health as it's now starting to affect my job. :-( I can't lose this job.

AndreaPlease pray that I have a safe flight tomorrow as I leave my babies for a couple of days

Samantha: I'm a photographer, but I also work in a special education class at my local high school.
Tomorrow morning at 7:30am a fellow co-worker and I will meet and pray for our students, I would love it if you would partner with us.

We will be meeting every Monday morning at 7:30am to pray for our students. Tomorrow is our first meeting. 

HallieGod has been teaching me incredible things this semester through really not fun situations (and some fun ones). My prayer request is for peace and contentment in a time when I want to be doing more than God is calling me to at the moment. I'm not good at resting and He is calling me to rest when I want to be saving the world. To know that He is God and His plans are happening even when I don't see or feel anything.

JanaPrayer for us to conceive. We have been trying for 9 months which I know we are not technically deemed "infertile" but it's been a tough ride. 

Rebecca: Strength to make it through this next week.  I am over-my-head busy!!

Me: I ask for prayers for continued healing for my grandmother who recently had surgery. I just pray that she can rest and recover and know that the Lord is guiding her steps through this process.

Ami- The Allison family needs prayers of patience. Patience that in God's perfect timing HE will see us out of this pit of financial ruin that we are in. Prayers also for my husbands 1st daughter as she is traveling down a very dark and destructive path that leads to nowhere!



  1. I will be taking this list to my church on Tuesdays for our prayer warriors to pray over!

  2. So many things/issues close to my heart here ~~ I'll keep them all in my prayers. (Of course esp for your Grandma!)


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