14 June 2011

Goals for the Summer

I've been inspired by a few ladies (1 and 2) to make a few summertime goals. Although summer just started, I already feeyl like it's almost over. I hope these goals will help me slow down a bit and enjoy those lazy, hazy days.

1. Move! We are moving to a new (bigger, nicer, fancier) apartment next weekend. My goal is for patience to prevail. Patience between me and my hubby, patience with change, and patience with living in limbo (and out of boxes) for a little while. 2. Read more books I have a long list of books that I want to read. Among others, I bought the first book in Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion Series,  I need to read the university's summer reads book, and I just ordered the entire Little House on the Prairie set (written by my namesake). 3. Drink more water and just get healthier in general. Put more good things into my body and keep the bad things out. Be more active, be more conscious of what I'm eating, and be more mindful of this one body I've been blessed with. 4. Take an adventure. I am a homebody in every sense of the word, but Kyle and I are dying to get out and take an adventure. Being the homebodies we are however, we have no idea what we want to do. Any suggestions? 5. Spend some quality time with my shop. I have tons of  ideas for new ways to redo, package, and promote my products, I just haven't had the time to devote to it. Once we get moved (and I set up my craft room), I can put my ideas into action.

Are you making any summertime goals?


  1. I love making goals! Most of my summer goals are fun things like picnics, but I definitely should drink more water and read more as well :)

  2. I wrote a post about my summer plans last month


  3. I just wrote a to-read list, but I definitely have to "work on" a more general list for the summer (the one that won't include internet...or at least not too much:).

  4. Love your goals!! I will work on mine!!

  5. i love your goals! i need to drink more water too.

  6. i agree with you!
    i need to read more books and drink more water..
    thanks dear for this lovely post;D

  7. Hooray for the new apartment! That is so exciting!

    Lately, I have been craving outdoor adventures...like camping, canoeing, hiking, campfires, etc...Maybe these will give you a few ideas?!!


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