12 July 2011

Finding God

I have found that God is often in the little things. In the delicate things. In the things we sometimes overlook. In the challenges that make us stronger.

I have found God in many, many things and people and situations.

Where have you found God?

My name is Casey Wiegand, I am a freelance artist, wife and mama. 

I love painting and sharing our life through my blog...where you can expect pieces of my perspective on life, faith, kids, marriage, with touches of art, creative inspiration, projects and things I love along the way. I have two little ones in the hopes of lots more and am married to the love of my life!


Any C-section mamas out there? Any of you look at/see/ notice your scars everytime you are getting ready/ showering, etc?

Well, I do.

I love my scar. I love what it represents.

I love that long after my children are grown, I will still have my scar from my 2 previous c-sections (and however many more). I love that it is a daily reminder to me of the 2 little lives I have to take care of & think about.

Scars represent beautiful things. They make us who we are.

What about our emotional scars? We all have them. Some run deeper than others...some change us for better and some create walls in us.

Our scars make us who we are, don't they?

When I started blogging because I found this quote:

"I find beauty in not only the beautiful things in life, but the bittersweet and sad as well. To me, there is something poignantly lovely about the human experience from its splendor to its grief. God created all our emotions, not just the happy ones, and for His good purposes. That's why a good cry can feel so good. And hitting our limits forces us to look outside ourselves for a Savior. It is in the plea, when we're at our end, that we can find that which is truly life-giving. Personally, my moments of deepest grief, deepest pain, have resulted in the most beautiful seasons in my heart. I've met God more intimately in those moments than in all the other pleasant ones combined. What isn't completely lovely about that?" 
(Leslie, top of the page).

I was going through a hard time and something about this quote gave me hope. And peace. And then the entire blogging experience and community pulled me out. Into a better place. 

Now...here I am embracing the scars... letting my hurt make me lovely.

I realized something along the way. I am better off with my hurt. My past. Embracing all that has happened and allowing it to make me a better me :)


Thank you so much to everyone who have shared their stories!

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  1. Really cool post.
    I'm your newest follower, stumbled across your blog and so glad I did!

    As a lover of Jesus myself, your blog is inspiring and encouraging to me :)


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