13 July 2011

Jewelry Making

I adore jewelry and accessories I have been keeping quite a list of DIY and craft projects that I'd love to try someday. But since starting my shop about a year ago, I haven't had much time to make jewelry just for myself. Well, my goal [starting now] is to take some time every-once-in-a-while for new projects just for me!

Here are a few beauties I can't wait to try:

This amazing seed bead necklace from Four Flight of Fancy. And doesn't Andrea look beautiful in it?

This fabulous tutorial for a braided necklace from More Design Please. It's a small tutorial with a huge "wow" factor!

T-Shirt rosette flowers from Emmaline Bride. I am in love!

Another amazing necklace tutorial, this one from P.S. I Made This. I actually have all the supplies for this already.

These adorable felt flower brooches from The Fickle Pickle. They'd be perfect for fall!

And these t-shirt refashion necklaces from I Still Love You. So simple and so cute!

Looking for some jewelry inspiration?

- Pinterest is amazing! It's a collection of gorgeous pictures with links to tutorials and what not. You need an invitation, though, but I have a few if you're interested.
- Check out Etsy to get your creative juices flowing. But remember, it's never ok to copy, steal, or sell someone else's work. 
- Craftster and Craftzine feature lots of great artists and projects.
- Someday Crafts and Ucreate are blogs that mostly feature other's projects. They're easy to navigate and link back to the original post.
- When it comes to original jewelry ideas, these two bloggers are my favorite. Bev from Flamingo Toes does wonders with with her Anthro-knock off collection. And Disney from Ruffles and Stuff is one of the most creative and talent women that I've ever come across.

I'd love to see your designs! Email them to me and I'll post them!

Happy crafting!


  1. What gorgeous jewelry ideas! Thanks so much!

  2. lovely finds! thanks for sharing...I'd seen a few on Pinterest but not all of them :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I seriously love all of those, especially the first three!!! Thanks!

  4. looove those two seed bead necklaces!! i haven't made anything for myself in forever & i think it's just what i need. maybe i'll make on of those two on my day off tomorrow :)


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