14 July 2011

Inspiration Workshop: Sunshine

Each week, Gussy Sews hosts the Inspiration Workshop. Maggie provides us with a prompt and asks us to share what it means to us.

This Week: Sunshine

When I think of sunshine, I think of all things sunny yellow. Yellow is one half of my absolute favorite color combination (green of course is the other). Yellow always lifts my spirits, brings on a smile, and makes my heart happy.

Truly, it does.

I totally own these now. Kyle calls them my macaroni and cheese shoes. 

My friend Megan recently taught me on her blog that these are called caspedia. They are beautiful!

Even I would want to get up if breakfast was in this kitchen (and I hate to get up!).

I have a yellow bike similar to this and adore it! 

Oh my, love. But oh my, not the shoes.

Now these are more like it.


  1. Yellow is my favorite color!! Love these images!

  2. I love that he calls them your mac;n cheese shoes :D That sweater is so pretty!

  3. I'm seriously drooling over these images. All of them. And caspedia? Never heard of it, but love. I want to try to make some pom flowers that get the same look but last forever.

    And that bike? And the kitchen? I'm feeling a yellow-induced pick-me-up.

    And, I also must know - are the shoes comfortable? Because I love them and want them. But, I just cannot buy another pair of shoes that cut into my heels.

  4. caspedia... a.k.a. the billy button :) those are my fav! absolute fav! they were going to be the main flower at my wedding... until my florist messed up and didn't order a single one. grrrr. still upset about that ;)

    LOVE those shoes :) i've been wearing mine daily!

  5. Oh I love those flats! I just bought them now! :) And I love a good pair of chucks!

  6. I used the same picture of the flowers in my post today!!

    Stopping from Gussy!

  7. i think i need a pair of macaroni and cheese shoes too!!!

  8. I am just loving yellow now!! Haha, mac 'n cheese shoes.

  9. Love that bicycle and those shoes are to die for :)

  10. I love it all except for the yellow kitchen! Eeeep, that would be too much for me in the morning! To each his own though. I think I'd be perfectly happy with a pink kitchen, which would probably make most people gag. :0)

  11. Oh I just love the color yellow, and LOVE these pictures! They make me so happy :)
    Saw you over at Gussy Sews!

  12. Oh I am definitely on a yellow kick these days. Love these images.


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