15 July 2011

July Sponsor Highlight

I'm so happy to have such wonderful sponsors this month! I hope you'll read a bit more about them, visit their blogs and shops, and fall in love with these darlings just like I have!

I worked in the professional world as a legislative aid to a State Senator for 17 years.  I yearned to be a SAHM and that is what I became and love it! To make extra money, I drive a little yellow school bus part-time with summers off and make jewelry to sell on Etsy.  I have two wonderful children aged 11 and 16, a fabulous husband I call The Captain since he is an airline pilot and one adorable little shih tzu pooch named Cookie.  I love the Lord and to encourage all woman to be the very best they can be at whatever stage of life they are in.  I like to use myself and my adventures in my storytelling posts as a way to reach out to other people.  As I am far from perfect and a bit klutzy, some of my stories can be a bit goofy.  A dose of laughter really does the soul good!!  Of course, I touch on subjects of the heart.  And I like to show my current “favorites” in the decorating, garden, and craft world.  

The month of July brings free shipping in my Etsy shop!  I will be concentrating on making new jewelry pieces for my Etsy shop.  I also will be devoting time to my family and just enjoying the summer sun and long warm evenings!  I hope you all do too!  As far as blogging, I don’t really talk much about my Etsy shop much but focus more on family issues, woman issues, crafts, food, and fun! 


I'm Mandy, and I love to create things. I use my blog as a place to share tutorials for the crafts I make. A lover of all things pretty, I also keep an eye out for lovely handmade shops that I can share with my readers. My utmost goal in everything I do, including my blog, is to glorify God. I hope to inspire other women to not only create, but to "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." (2 Pet. 3:18)

I am excited about my Place I Love Prints... they are new to my shop, and they feature different states and locations.


I am a Canadian girl living my life on the prairies of Manitoba. I love Jesus, coffee and tea, dancing in the rain, the smell of freshly cut hay, and singing in the car. Over at Life...Unscripted you will find bit of my life, crafty fun, and photography.

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Hi there! My name is Sarah and I'm a special education teacher by day and a crafter by night. I'm addicted to pretty paper and fun stamps and I love to create greeting cards! I'm also a huge fan of coffee shops, traveling to faraway places, and hanging out with my hubby. We live in Texas with three mischievous cats and one hyper dog!

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My name is Bev and I blog at Flamingo Toes and have a little etsy shop called Flamingo Toes Designs. I like making fun things to wear and for the home!

I've added some new things to my shop that I'm really excited about this month!

Hailing from the Kansas flatlands, you'll find Mindy taking amateur photos, not cleaning, wearing her heart on her sleeve, scouting estate sales, dating her husband, devouring her two perfect kids, crafting, and inspiring women to love God and people. Stay current on her escapades in the Land of Oz by visiting her blog, marigoldroad.
I'm mildly obsessed with mid-century antiques, and have acquired a collection too large for the confines of our home. Hence the hobby turned business venture. Crafting is my therapeutic outlet! I put my whole heart into the quality and design of my unique headbands, hoop art, & yarn wreaths, many of which are made with vintage materials.

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Hello there! My name is Victoria Hughes, I am twenty-one years old and love to constantly create new projects for myself. I am not one to take no for an answer. I believe with hard work and passion anything and everything can be accomplished if you want it for the right reasons.My life's number one aspiration is to make the impossible, possible. I sounds like a very demanding goal, but in reality, I solve this by making my passions my guide. Following my passions led to opening my jewelry shop, Garden of Eden Designs, and my artwork shop, Painted Blooms. I find it liberating to be able to share my designs and paintings in such a supportive community. Because of this excitement and desire to share my work, I started the Be One of a Kind blog. This is my little corner of the world where I share my everyday inspirations and creative adventures of my personal life, my indie business ventures, and my love for fashion and all things pretty.

This month I am launching my first e-course called the Inspired Spirit. Is is about finding your inspiration and embracing your creative side in daily life and business. This e-course will launch July 19th :)

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hey there!  i'm annalea, aka annie or, more often, mama.  i choose joy & find beauty in this lovely-but-difficult journey i live with my husband & three littles.  when not homeschooling, homemaking, or getting my hands dirty in the studio or potager, i tell the stories of our sweet, messy everyday on my blog, annalea hart.

i recently began a new series on my blog called a day in the life of her, which is my small effort to dispel the superwoman myth.  the first few features have been so encouraging and amazing.  i have great guests lined up each thursday for the rest of the summer; join us and be inspired! 

I'm Annie, and I'm the gal behind the blog Wattlebird. My blog chronicles my adventures in crafting, design, fashion, and anything in between. 

And I'd love to offer a discount code to my etsy shop: AFTR15 for 15% off your entire order AND I'd love to offer $10 off any basic blog design or blog design with custom graphics (no discount code, because I just handle all payment info through paypal) Anyone can just email me and say they saw the deal on your blog, and I'll give them the discount. Blog design info can be found here.

  I had the immense privilege of growing up as an "army brat" since my dad served in the military for over 20 years.  Because we moved often (usually every 2-3 years), I became very close with my family, especially my two brothers (I'm the middle kid!).  As a young girl, I always enjoyed making things, and I went through many crafting phases, such as friendship bracelets, beaded jewelry, cross stitching, paper crafting, very basic sewing, and crochet.  Crocheting quickly became my favorite craft in high school, and I began making baby afghans, hats, and scarves for people I knew.  Crocheting remains my favorite, though I am also cultivating my skills in sewing, cooking, and photography.  I have a bachelor's degree in special education and elementary education, and I teach full time as an elementary special education teacher during the school year.  Teaching is a wonderful learning experience!  My greatest gift and joy on earth, other than my salvation in Jesus Christ, is my husband Andrew.  We have been married for just over one year.  He is my best friend and dearest love.  My relationship with Christ is really the most important thing in my life, and I am very thankful for my husband who challenges me and encourages me in my walk with the Lord.

  On my mind this month is thankfulness.  I am thankful that I have finally gotten my etsy shop up and running!  As a full time teacher, I had little time to devote to starting my shop during the school year.  However, summer has afforded me the chance to start building an inventory and get my shop going.  I am also very thankful for the chance to rest and rejuvenate for the coming school year.  Lastly, I am thankful for Laura for sponsoring Diana Meredith Designs and encouraging a newbie!  Oh, and as a thank you for checking out my shop, shoppers can use the code OPEN10 for 10% off their order with Diana Meredith Designs for the months of July and August!

my name is grace. i am twelve years old, i am a photo nerd, and my favorite type of gum is Trident.
i started this blog because i was nine, and my mom told me it would be fun for me. i had no idea that this blog would become such a big part of my life! yeah, mom, you are always right sometimes. photography is another aspect of my life. i started young. like, age four, young. of course, back then, overexposed pictures and blurriness were no different than professional portraits, but if i do say so, i have improved in the last few years (well, I'd hope so!). so i hope you'll sit and stay awhile! if you're a new follower, i'll be sure to check out your site and possibly add to my growing list of followed blogs.

Pinterest! If you don't have one, you have to try it. I find myself scrolling down the page, looking for things to pin for over an hour sometimes! You can find me here.

My name is Ashley and I’m twenty-one years old. I’m a born again Christian and was raised in a Christian home. Growing up I was home-schooled Preschool thru High School - I loved it and plan on homeschooling my kids, Lord willing. When I’m not blogging on my blog, Bramblewood Fashion, or any of my other blogs. I may be found working on new designs for my Etsy shop, sewing, painting, baking, or serving others in my Church. I love watching old movies. Adore vintage clothing, well, anything vintage {example: cars, TV Shows, kitchens, buttons, magazines, etc...}. When ever I have the chance, I love traveling across America {and once I traveled over to London, UK}!

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Hi! I'm Jacky...you'll find me blogging at The Sweetest Petunia, and I sell my handmade creations in my shop, Petunia Blooms. I'm a 20 year old who loves my fiance {we're getting married in October!}, beautiful colors, sewing, music & good literature. I seek to find sweetness in the ordinary everyday life, and I'd love if you'd join me!
Just for you Along For The Ride readers, use the discount code RIDE10 for 10% off your next purchase at Petunia Blooms!


These women are lovely! Please stop by, say hi, use the discount, and tell them I sent you!


  1. Thanks for featuring me alongside these lovely ladies - I'm honored! :)

  2. We are one talented bunch! If I do say so myself.... :D

  3. Thanks so much for the sweet sponsor feature, Laura! :) So many talented ladies... a couple are new to me, and I will have to go check out their shops! :)


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